Monday Motivational

There is no greater
agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Finding Your Writing Community

As we here at Three Houses Press continue to work from home, we wanted to highlight a way that budding authors can stay connected. So today we’re going to focus on writing communities. I personally feel that this information is more relevant than ever as we strive to stay connected in the midst of isolation. However, please note that these tips will serve you well beyond this current climate.

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Readers Guide to COVID-19

Have you ever been too exhausted to take on your regularly scheduled responsibilities? Well, we are. The owners of Three Houses Press LLC each work in some form of education–two in book sales and distribution and one in marketing and PR. Though we have fortunately been able to avoid becoming sick thus far, we have…

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March Madness: Best Book of the Decade

The decade is over and March is upon us… I guess that means it is time to decide which of these titles topped the decade. Vote today!

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