June Recap

Time for another monthly wrap up! June really flew by, but now I’m looking forward to July and all the summer fun. Nothing sounds better to me right now than a beach and a good beach read to go with it. If you have any particular recommendations, comment below! OK, now let’s get into what we’ve been doing all of June. 

At the beginning of the month, Sarah walked us through when your draft isn’t working. It’d be a good idea to bookmark that one, especially for November when you need to clean up your nanowrimo. Then Brit detailed why some of our romance novel characters are actually problematic faves (Daphne in Bridgerton, we’ve got our eye on you girl.) Last week Sarah continued our Building a Book series, focusing on the first line. You gotta start somewhere, right? 

In our podcast episode this month we looked at three books we recommend all writers should read. Our debate (spirited as ever) was between the written word and audio books. Which one would you back? Let us know! 

Our newsletter is due out on Tuesday the 29th, and if you sign up now on our patreon it’ll come straight to your inbox. I’ll be expanding on our podcast topic and talking about guides for writers. Very exciting!! 

Well that’s all folks, and I hope you’ve had a good June.