April Recap

Guess what?

It’s gonna be May~

This April, Three Houses Press was showered in vaccines. I am thrilled to report that all three of us are now vaccinated and one step closer to getting back into the world in a way that is safe for ourselves and others. If you haven’t done so, talk to your doctor about receiving a vaccine yourself. We are facing a war of misinformation, so make sure you contact a well-informed medical professional (or several) to help you decide what is best for the health of you and your family.

Anyway, to the monthly recap!

On the April podcast, three very sleep-deprived psychopaths continued on their quest to mastering the medium. We talked all about reimagining stories, tackling concepts like retelling stories from alternative perspectives, reworking classic tales, and modernizing the stories we all know and love. Plus, we brought Game of Thrones to the debate floor, trying to figure out if the book or series really reigns supreme.

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On the blog, Rigney opened the month by talking about tense and perspective, helping you identify what will work best for your book. Next, Brit took us on a tour of self-publishing platforms so you can get your book out into the world in the most effective way possible. Then I decided to talk about the scary world of money and finances, trying to lift the veil on what your bank account could really look like as a professional writer. Finally, Brit started our brand new series “Building a Book” by discussing brainstorming.

And now I look back at all this fabulous content we produced and realize why I am so dadgum tired.

Now, if you’re curious why I’ll be tired next month, then you’d best get ready for talks on mental illness, character development, writer blogs, book planning, and the age-old-question, Edward or Jacob?

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