May Recap

Can you even believe that another month has gone by? We at Three Houses Press had a somewhat chaotic May, so we are ready and waiting for what June has for us–cross your fingers for nothing but rest and relaxation please! With that said, one of our members is doing her R&R on doctor’s orders so if you have a favorite movie, TV show, or book you think is a must see/read, please send recs our way! In the meantime, look over our monthly recap to make sure you’ve not missed any goodness from this past month. 

In our May podcast, we did a deep dive into character development. We chatted protagonists, villains, and side characters (very important not to ignore!). As seems to be the norm lately, things then slid sideways during the debate where Sarah and I debated whether Jacob or Edward is the better character while Brit (famously a Twilight hater) suffered through. 

In our monthly newsletter (if you’re a patreon supporter, you’ll find it in your inbox the last Tuesday of the month), Sarah expanded on the character development theme and gave a quick lesson on fixing one-dimensional characters. If you’d like access to this lesson and many more, subscribe to our patreon! We have past newsletters stored there, and future emails (just the one a month, no spamming!) are included in your subscription. 

Over on the blog, I started out the month focusing on mental health and its role in romance novels. It’s more common than you might think! The next week, Sarah told us why a writer who wants to succeed should consider having a blog (hint, think marketing yourself.) Following that, Brit continued our new Building a Book series, focusing on the planning stages. Very important stuff!

What a month! We have some exciting things coming in the next few months, so I will encourage you once more to sign up to our patreon–you can subscribe for as little as one buck a month. If you can’t swing a contribution you can support us for free by subscribing to and reviewing our podcast Three Houses, One Podcast. It would help and mean a lot. Okay, that’s it for us for the month. Love you, mean it. See you next time!