Building a Book: Series Kickoff

I feel like every other article I write, I say some iteration of the phrase, “Your lifelong goal of writing a book.” 

I say this for a reason: So many people out there have “writing a book” on their bucket list. Think I’m exaggerating? Tell a handful of people you have a master’s degree in publishing and see just how many respond, “You know, I have this friend who wants to write a book.” 

Some people know the exact story they are going to tell. It might be their own story, or that of a character they have known since childhood. Others may only know the genre. Others still don’t even know that much — they just picture that fully formed tome in their hands and know it’s something they want to experience. 

After wrapping our publishing house tour, we realized there is so much more to the story of creating a book than what happens in a publishing house. The journey of building a book starts on the arduous journey of writing a publishable manuscript. 

So, with that, we welcome you to our building a book series. 

Once a month, we are going to add a new tip, trick, or “for the love of God don’t do…” to the series. We’ll start with brainstorming, move into planning, writing that first line, and completing your first draft. We’ll talk about topics like research, the best practices of successful writers, and producing meaningful edits. Hopefully by the end you feel armed with the tools you need to bring your book writing dreams from someday to someday soon.

What sort of topics do you want to see covered in this series? Let us know in the comments bbbeeelllooowww.