We Rockin’ Nanowrimo This Year?

Are you sick of talking about 2020 yet?

After the results (or continued lack thereof) coming out of the election, you just might be.

Now, I think it is fair to say that the content of this blog may enable you to guess where we chose to stand during this election. That said, we also believe that all feelings are valid, all voices should be heard, and all opinions should be spoken to whatever degree you find comfortable or professionally responsible.

So, whether you are feeling all-consuming joy, anxiety, or apathy over the current state of the presidential election, we still are going to tell you the same thing we tell you over and over and over and over and over and over and over again… Get your ass writing because it’s NANOWRIMO MOTHER TRUCKERS!

Sure, we have been living in the haze that is 2020 for the past 11 months, five days, eight hours, and however many painful minutes you have lived before finding this article, and in a haze you may want to stay. But the excuse that you would join the Nanowrimo fray ~after the election~ is gone.

“But I’m so far behind now.”

Yes, you are. Several thousand words behind. But to that I ask, does it matter?

Listen. If there is ever a year to start Nanowrimo and stumble to a sad, probably unsuccessful end, it is 2020. This is the year of global WTF – and personally I find that to be the perfect backdrop to write a novel of 50,000 words in a super unreasonable period of time.  

So, here are 3 bits of inspiration to get you started on your perfect 2020 Nanowrimo…

1. Figure out who you are going to kill off first.

Yeah, you read that right. Listen, we are all feeling some things right now. Bringing a character into the world just to spend 50,000 words planning their perfect downfall is the therapy we all need. Identify them early. Give them the traits of the boss that didn’t give you the support you needed during the pandemic, the presidential candidate you despised the most, or even a housemate who you have officially spent way too much time with. Believe me, the words will be flying if you are looking forward to bringing them to their destruction…

2. Write what you (shouldn’t) know.

A sci-fi thriller about a dangerous pandemic sweeping the world? A dystopian landscape of political fallout? Killer bees? 2020 is a goldmine of crazy inspiration. And, if you have a Twitter account or follow the news even for a minute a day, you know the ever-changing situations better than you probably want to. Challenge yourself to just grab one news headline from the year and imagine a world where that major event was the only thing taking up time on the news cycle.

3. Write a diary.

Nanowrimo talks about writing novels. But, at the end of the day, if you turn in 50,000 words, it counts! Take some time to just reflect on your life this year. Face your challenges, the memories good and bad, and express what you need to express in order to just feel better for a second. There is nothing wrong with using the excuse of Nanowrimo to help you find time, space, and quiet to just be alone with your thoughts.

Last year, we wanted to see people succeed. This year, we want to see people survive. To throw words at a wall and just see what happens.

You can do this. And by that I mean just write one word and another and another until you feel better. Not a single word more. Sure, I might not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll be super happy that you had the courage to say it.

See you after word #1!