Wanted: Spooky Stories

It’s spooky season, witches. It’s time to break out your best black outfits, pumpkins, and scream tracks. 

But here at Three Houses Press, we are sitting around dreaming of some of the spooky reads we wish we had on our shelves…and we are thinking you just might be the soul that should write it. Here are five book ideas that just might be the inspiration you need to write your first/next/greatest best seller…

(And we are giving these ideas to you for free wow who approved this article???)

Here are five spooky reads that we wish we could find on our shelves…

  1. Ghostly Matchmaker

Raise your hand if you loved Meg Cabot’s Mediator series as a teen? There’s just something about a medium who falls in love with a ghost that makes it the ultimate tale of star-crossed lovers. Yes, Meg has written two adult sequels featuring her beloved characters, but we’d love to see more ghostly love stories–especially if the ghost helps our heroine clinch the hottest guy in school. 

  1. Scary Movie Love Story

We aren’t ashamed to admit that the thought of two characters falling in love surrounded by fake blood and strobe lights sounds like a dream. For this novel-prompt, imagine your protagonists on the set of a scary movie, where the director’s goal to have the actors truly scared puts everyone a little on edge and looking for comfort.

  1. Let the Werewolf Get the Girl

Ever since Twilight came out, werewolves have been getting a bad rap. For some reason, everyone seems to think the vampires are just better. Well, here’s the deal, they don’t have to be. We all saw the abs on Taylor Lautner. We all know that a werewolf novel can succeed. Your challenge in this novel-prompt is to figure out how to make this mythic monster a winner again.

  1. Witchy Time-Travel

The success of Outlander has shown that time travel romances are not dead! But try flipping the switch… Imagine a witch accidentally transporting herself from Salem at the height of the witch trials to the modern era. What sort of adventures are going to convince her to stay?

  1. Paranormal Competition

Two competing paranormal investigators at the top of their fields. One spooky manor, the likes of which neither have ever experienced before. You get the picture. Give us your take on this spookified version of a classic enemies to lovers trope.

Well, are you ready to write yet? 

As you sit around this Halloween-season gorging on candy intended for trick-or-treaters (although RIP trick-or-treating in the year of the pandemic), give one of our prompts a shot! You never know how far one moment of inspiration can take you.

Oh, and don’t forget to send us that manuscript when you’re finished. We want to make sure it becomes everyone’s favorite read next Halloween.