One Year of Three Houses Press

Just about a year ago, on September 5, Three Houses Press posted its first article, “Breathing Life into Your Boring First Chapter.” And so began a new adventure for all of us here at Three Houses Press, but hopefully an equally exciting adventure for all of you. 

In our first, glorious year, we have talked about a lot. We have taught writers how to conquer on the page and in their careers. We have helped writers build worlds and begun the lengthy tour of a publishing house. We have tried to help writers salvage while acknowledging that some writers are simply not doing enough

Brit’s Reflections

Starting Three Houses Press has been a whirlwind and some days I still can’t quite believe the year we’ve had. Working to help authors navigate the publishing industry and provide tips and insight is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I feel extremely blessed that I get to do something I love every day. 

Favorite Article I Wrote: Toxic Romance: Consent. I’ve been an avid romance reader since the age of 12. Having a job where I not only get to work with romance authors, but to write about the genre is a dream. This article in particular stands out for me because I got to be all nerdy and dive into some romancelandia history for y’all.

Rigney’s Reflections

When two of my besties from grad school asked me if I’d be in on starting an indie press with them I was like “whaaaat?” and so began our foray into owning our own business. We had a lot of fun deciding what to call ourselves, and frankly we’ve had a lot of fun making lots of decisions since that very first one, to start the press in the first place. I feel very lucky to be focusing on one of my passions in life with two of the people I trust most in this business, and I look forward to seeing what this press accomplishes in the future! 

Favorite Article I Wrote: Hard to pick! Probably either Writing a Sequel because I feel passionately that this be done correctly, or Literary Rights because I feel very strongly that all authors should know what they are getting into with a book deal!! 

Sarah’s Reflections

Three Houses Press, LLC started in the summer heat one year ago–though the heat wave of last year would have felt like a cold spell this year. I remember sitting outside on my deck, pretending that the sun and sweat was pleasant, while Brittany brought me up to speed on another small digital press and asking, “Why can’t we do that?”

Owning your own business, to be honest, sucks. But it sucks in the best of ways. Unlike my 9-5, I am passionate and invested in all that Three Houses Press does and continually find myself asking how we can continue to grow it. I have lots of thoughts for this year and can’t wait for them to come through on the site this year!

Favorite Article I Wrote: The Science of the First Edit, mostly because my Mom texted me about my language. 

So… We guess this is the moral of the story.

We call our first year our learning curve. We learned how to start a business. We learned how we work together. We learned where our challenges and opportunities are. This year? This is the year of getting it done; building off of everything we learned in year one and turning year two into the year that Three Houses Press took that stable foundation and began to build on it. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with us on this blog this year. If you are just joining us, hi! We are Three Houses Press and we are about to blow your freaking mind this year.