Nanowrimo Diaries: Week Three

Three Houses Press has challenged resident authors Grace Barnes and Meg Hayes to take on Nanowrimo. Every Tuesday, they will share their progress, expressing their successes, failures, and lessons learned.

Grace Barnes

As I promised last week, I created a few days where I buckled down, abandoned all attempts to be a “normal” or “functional” adult, and wrote. It was really nice. While I am still not where I should be, I have taken a massive step ahead and positioned myself in a place where I at least have the opportunity to catch up.

And it. feels. great.

However, I am still not caught up. And, if you are following me on Nanowrimo, you’ll see that I have not updated my word count in quite some time. Here’s why:

Nanowrimo’s system for helping writers track their pace is phenomenal. I cannot tell you how many times I wish I could use their software to aid my writing throughout the year. I truly believe that it helps writers improve their processes and efficiency in ways that few other programs can do.

But, when you are behind, it takes a sinister turn. Everywhere you look on the site reminds you of how behind you are. A bar graph falling short of a goal line; an estimated completion date that is, well, not even close to November; and the humble-brags—if not just brags—from people on the forum who have already found their way to 50,000 words or beyond, making your pitiful failure to even keep up all the more humiliating.

Nanowrimo is almost crippling when you are behind.

My goal for this week is to catch that goal line. Or, at the very least, get close enough to make logging in to Nanowrimo more bearable.

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Meg Hayes

Editor: Meg we need your Nanowrimo diary

Meg: *pauses her third watch through of The Mandalorian and drags her laptop forlornly across the couch* I have written 500 words in the last 7 days. Before you ask, I did not log them in Nanowrimo because at this juncture, it feels pointless. Life had no meaning until Baby Yoda. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to my favorite form of procrastination: Disney+

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