Three Houses Press Takes Nanowrimo

November is right around the corner, and with it comes the annual writing event heard ‘round the world: Nanowrimo. Originating in July of 1999 and moving both online and to November in 2000, the event pushes writers to write 50,000 words (an average of 1,667 words per day) in a month. Along the way, the event provides resources to writers such as pep talks, forums, and hosted regional activities. 

Nanowrimo is hard.

Nanowrimo is stressful.

Nanowrimo will cause at least a few people to have a mental break.

So, we figured why not force our authors to do it.

During the month of November, our authors will be posting every Tuesday to update you on their progress, and to share what they are learning about the event and their writing along the way.

Grace Barnes

Ah, Nanowrimo season. Synonymous with carpal tunnel, caffeine, and the overuse of the words “really” and “very,” this is the annual challenge to top all annual challenges. Every year, I consider jumping into the fray, and every year I have found a reason to either skip the event or to quit halfway. 

This year, I have some project notes set for a Scottish historical romance that I would really like to explore. As the event somewhat encourages, this will be a lot more throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what works than what I normally do, which is going to be the greatest challenge for me this month. 

What is your Nanowrimo username?

GraceyB — come be my buddy!

Why did you agree to participate?

 *dramatically sings, “I’m just a sucker for pain!”*

Also, can we talk about how writing is hard? For me, I struggle with motivation more than anything else, and the past few months have been particularly bad for me. I want to use Nanowrimo to try and force my way back into a regular routine, get caught up on some projects, and maybe churn out a story that will make editor Rigney shrug and say, “Not bad.”

What is your word count goal?

50,000. The full thing. I want that BDE that comes with being a Nanowrimo winner. 

I also just bought the 2019 poster because it is cute as heck and I am not sure that I can stand it mocking me for the rest of my life if I fail.

Follow Grace’s Journey on Nanowrimo!

Meg Hayes

I’ve never participated in Nanowrimo before. In the past, my life has always been too hectic with school or work or both to really devote myself to the process. However, after talking to some friends and fellow members of my writing community, I decided to take the plunge this year.

I’m planning to focus my energy on two interconnected contemporary romances. The first one is a meet cute at comic con and the second is an enemies to lovers set in the workplace. My goal is to buckle down and finally finish at least one of them!

What is your Nanowrimo username?

Meg(ara)H (My favorite Disney character is Meg from Hercules. Partially because we have the same name, but mostly because she’s a self-sufficient badass who doesn’t need a man to survive.)

Why did you agree to participate?

I’m on deadline to finish my current manuscript and I’ve been struggling to stay on track. I’m planning on using this time to stay focused and just get things done. I like the accountability factor that goes along with Nanowrimo. I’m the captain of excuses when it comes to justifying why I’m not writing. Like my good friend Grace, I want to use this experience to build good habits and really focus my writing.

What is your word count goal?

13,500. I would love to be ambitious and go for the full 50,000, but I have to be realistic. Since this is my first Nanowrimo, I’m going to play it safe and set an attainable goal for myself.

Follow Meg’s Journey on Nanowrimo!