Welcome! We are excited to have you considering publishing with us. Before you go ahead and submit your project, here are some guidelines to think about: 

Three Houses Press, LLC is seeking manuscripts that demonstrate exemplary storytelling, dynamic characters, and unique perspectives.

Three Houses Press will consider all genres, but we primarily work within romance.

All submissions must: 

  • Be complete
  • Be a minimum of 30,000 words
  • Include a cover letter detailing your work and yourself
    • Please also include all relevant contact information, including social media
  • Be polished, properly formatted, and easy to read. If any images (maps, etc) are necessary, they will be dealt with after manuscript is accepted

If your submission has ever been published anywhere else, including self publishing, please include that information in your cover letter. 

You should also be aware that we are extremely unlikely to publish any romance novels with the following: 

  • Non consensual content
  • Pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality (including paranormal activity), incest. 
    • this is broad, but if you feel your story comes close to or hints at any of these, your story is probably not for us. 
  • Unclear plots, or plots with unnecessary added information. If your character is in space, there must be a clear explanation for this. 

At this time, a response should be expected within 4-6 weeks. Submissions will be reviewed in the order in which they are received, and no acknowledgement of receipt will be given.

If this all sounds good to you, please send your complete submission to We look forward to hearing from you!